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The balance of Ludmilla's career and romance with Chopin's music is devoted to her special passion for teaching the playing of his music, an accomplishment evidenced by the many successful younger pianists whom she trained over the last half century!

Among today's talented artists who were fortunate to have Ludmilla as a teacher are:

Artis Wodehouse - pianist, organist and music historian who has studied and transcribed the works of George Gershwin.

James Raphael - a finalist in the 1972 Tchaikovsky Competition. "James Raphael is a world-class pianist, a triumphant artist, a mesmerizing talent and he deserves a standing ovation wherever he plays." (NY Times)

Barry Weinberg - Who has performed throughout the US, Europe and the Mideast.

The news clippings and letters that are shared on this site are those which Ludmilla has tucked away over the years -- a teacher who has never forgotten the students she treasured.

Liszt Piano





1985 - Father of Student
Daniel Harrington

2002 - LibertyView
Thomas P. Dempsey

2003 - Music Teachers Guild
Rockland County

2004 - Former Student
Brian Besterman

2004 - Artis Wodehouse
Artis Wodehouse

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Recital - Spring Valley

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