Ludmilla's rise to fame was spectacular, and by the late 1930's she was considered one of the greatest Chopin artists of Poland.

Ludmilla makes a living performing concerts throughout Poland and teaching piano. Her concertizing and teaching is abruptly put to an end by the arrival of German Occupation forces in 1939, who temporarily cancel all concerts and begin their program of destruction throughout Poland.

Ludmilla's family lives in fear. Her father's family is Jewish, and some members wear the armbands identifying them as Jews in the street. Ludmilla is not yet identified as Jewish. The stress of daily fear in Krakow leads to her father's death by a premature heart attack!

A local Jewish attorney keeps a list of Jewish people on which several Berkwic family members (including her father and her aunt) appear. A devoted fan of Ludmilla's playing, he is convinced by her to destroy the page of the list on which her father's name appears while her aunt (father's sister) prefers to remain on this list! Unfortunately, her aunt is sent to a concentration camp where she perishes in a gas chamber.


Young Ludmilla

Concert - May 1930



Ludmilla's Teachers

Dr.Wiktor Labunski
Professor at the
Krakow Conservatory.
One of Poland's
most famous piano

Joseph Turczynski
Professor at the
Warsaw Conservatory.
Famous author of books
on Chopin Piano Studies.
Distinguished student
of Busoni.

Egon Petri
World famous
concert pianist.
Distinguished student
of Busoni.

Dr. Clarence Adler
Founder of the
Piano Department
at Julliard.
Distinguished student
of Leopold Godowsky.

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